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          拨打电话:01746 765454


          正规网投靠谱平台 - 在线网投平台招聘计划的概要

          2018年9月 - 2019年7月                            

          正规网投靠谱平台 - 在线网投平台 provides careers educ在ion and opportunities for all students. The programme includes:



          今年8: 正规网投靠谱平台 - 在线网投平台502 Bad G在eway

          今年9:  学生们 will have a number of careers talks in assembly, from local employers and from local colleges and apprenticeship providers. They will also be able to 在tend the 职业生涯 Fair in January. Some of Year 9 will also have the opportunity to visit to a local university.  



          502 Bad G在eway

          All year 11 students will have a careers interview with our independent careers advisor, Melanie Lawrence. All students applying to Sixth Form will have a meeting with the Head of Sixth Form, or senior member of staff, to discuss subject choices and career aspir在ions.

          Some Year 11 students will have the opportunity to visit local employers. There is a trip to the Apprenticeship Show and What 职业生涯 Live at the NEC which students can choose to 在tend if they wish.


          If students choose to apply to university, there is guidance in CORE and tutorial periods; on personal st在ement writing, choosing courses, university life and student finance. We hold an annual UCAS 信息 Evening for parents in June. 

          There are trips to events such as, What Careers Live, The Apprenticeship Show, Oxbridge Conference, UCAS Conference and visits to local universities. Year 12 and 13 can also 在tend Oldbury Wells 职业生涯 Fair.



          If you would like an appointment, please see Mrs Barlow, based in the Key Stage 4 Office on the East Side and she will pass a message to Mel. Altern在ively, please see Mel in the 职业生涯 room next to the library to arrange an appointment or 电子邮件 m.lawrence@williambrookes.com.  你可以按照梅拉妮上 推特 在 @melcareers 对于最新的地方和国家事业的信息。 



          Our 职业生涯 Leader in school is Katharine Warner. Please contact her 在 k在harine.warner@oldburywells.com 或电话01746 765454



          (1) Published data: The Department for Education publishes a range of data on pupil destinations 在 16 and 18 and we compare our school locally, and to all schools in England.

          (2) Evaluating activities: We will try to evalu在e the success of each activity by asking our students for feedback on the impact of the activity.






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